How To Enjoy the Fruits of the Season in Summer Home Décor

28. 06. 2017

As we transition to summer, our home décor should reflect the change of season. Certain elements are a must-have for sunny interior design.


Bowls and Vases for a Very Beautiful Summer


Citrus fruit is synonymous with refreshment. Therefore, homeowners love to bring lemons, oranges, limes, and other citrus fruit into their home.

Of course, such refreshing nourishment deserves the most exquisite crystal and glass bowls. The design will be as cool as an ice-cold glass of lemonade. It is, however, a hot trend to display fruit in extraordinary bowls which are really a work of art. Modern home décor calls for luxury decoration using the highest-quality items.

Choose the Panel Antique Golden Décor traditional bowl, exotic Sun Fruit Bowl, magnificent Passion Rose, elegant Sail Bowl, or other splendid Miracle Crystal glassware.

The decorative Fruit Stand Ivy by Zdeněk Votocek allows for the most fabulous presentation to serve up fruit in delicious style. With its fresh ivy design, clear crystal glass, and stunning character, this pewter marvel displays the perfect touch of elegance for any setting.

If you want to add extra natural beauty, pair bowls of fruit and vases of flowers in welcoming spaces throughout your home. Miracle Crystal has a diverse collection of vases featuring summer colors, floral designs, the glow of golden sunshine, love birds, nature scenes, and much more, including crystal-clear perfection in splendid glassware.

Choose Miracle Crystal luxury vases such as Flower Garden by Egermann, the Ocean Vase from Miracle Crystal Favorites, Petals by Princ Art Glass, or other exceptional glasswork.


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Fruit is in Fashion


Although it might not be to everyone's taste, fruit is so trendy this season that it even shows up in high fashion. Colorful fruit motifs are seen on runways with creations from famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Joseph Altuzarra.


Sumptuous Style in Summer Décor


Extend this current fruit trend into summer home décor to create more fashionable style. Display showstopping collectibles. For example, Sweet Fruit by Art Glass Princ combines harvest colors reminiscent of refreshing fruit from the orchard in a stunning crystal glass vase.

Organize a contemporary room plan for summer introducing the fruits of the season into home decoration; it's a sweet deal and delectable idea for summertime interior design.