Seven Ways to Create a Wow Factor with Spring/Summer Interior Design

03. 05. 2017

Spring is the season of rebirth and new energy, and by the time summer arrives, we are at our best. This revitalized "you" should be reflected in your home's interior design during both fabulous seasons. Discover how to bring spring and summer into your personal space.

Seven Tips for the Best Spring/Summer Interiors

1. Achieve the Perfect Balance

Use a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Contrast can work well in any space. Indeed, the most dynamic interiors combine different looks and evoke design from more than one era.

For example, you could display traditional décor pieces and accents on tables and shelves, and hang modern art on the walls. Vary color, form, and even culture in home decoration.

With the proper arrangement, this type of pairing creates a fresh and harmonious look; it enhances the distinct features of each object. This design plan has a timeless appeal, but you can also use it to set up a whimsical atmosphere. Elegance and livability can exist in the same setting.


2. Add Splendor with Gold and Silver

Gold and silver portray celestial beauty – reminiscent of a splendid sunrise, golden sunsets, brilliant moonlight, and the twinkle of stars. Enjoy the splendor, and share the beauty of gold and silver home décor with glassware, tableware, accents, and sculptures. The rich tones of gold go really well with cooler shades (such as an icy blue) on walls.

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3. Pick Flowers

Of course, you can bring spring and summer – and sunshine - to your interior design with bouquets of flowers displayed in stunning crystal, glass, and porcelain vases. Yet you can also introduce floral design in decorative objects.

This idea is extremely popular in current interior design. According to Jennifer Lowe, Head of Design at Ikea UK, the nostalgic floral trend is bringing back dainty flowered patterns to our homes.

Organic florals make a dramatic impact in home décor. Pick spectacular vases, bowls, glassware, and decanters with superb floral detail. Just as you would with real flowers, it is ok to mix and match floral patterns.

Choose delicate blossoms to add elegance and serenity. With their vivid pigments and lush blooms, bold flowers make an impressive statement and lend an element of surprise. Each one has its own place in home décor. For instance the Fleur Muse provides luxury art for floral inspiration.


4. Bring in Blue and White

Blue and white reflect the natural beauty of ocean waves, blue skies, and fluffy white clouds. This color duo bring the outdoors to interiors in a cool, calming style. Whether displayed on porcelain vases, featured on glassware, or in fabrics, blue and white (or blue and the clarity of crystal and glass) make a stylish statement.

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5. Illuminate Your World with Mirrors

With their muted elegance, designer mirrors bring gorgeous style to a casual space or sophisticated room. These luxurious mirrors feature intriguing frames with superb detail as well as lighting fixtures. Illuminated frames cast distinctive patterns on walls.

If you want to create a very modern vibe, make an exquisite choice, such as the Imagine Tarn Mirror by Aldit, in which the frame can be separated into four sections and mounted closer to the mirror.

Aldit's Imagine Galaxy Mirror adds unconventional display and illustrates the cutting edge of interior design. Although its lighting will impart a serene glow to a room, you can always try this mirror without illumination for an avant-garde look.


6. Hang Beautiful Chandeliers

The latest interior design trend points to chandeliers showing up everywhere in a home. They are no longer relegated to an entry hall or grand room. Chandeliers enhance the natural light in an area.

Imagine the splendid effect of a gold and crystal chandelier as it shines on pure white countertops and mirrored cabinets. Even chandeliers created with traditional artistry (such those provided by Miracle Crystal) are fashioned by modern artists with contemporary ideas. Therefore, these classic chandeliers fit easily into today's homes.

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7. Pink is Perfect

Pink is a trending color in 2017 spring interior design collections. This lovely tone is suggested for walls or accents. Pink objects will always pop against walls in varied shades of grey. Even a major paint company discovered that when they mixed a quiet pink with a touch of grey, they created a bestseller.

As well, when paired with dark colors (such as forest green or navy), pink will add a refreshing quality. Miracle Crystal offers a diverse selection of pink objects d'art including Rose and Petals (both vases designed by Princ Art Glass), Rosemary (a character piece by Lenka Jarosova), and Trny (a Boda Horak vase – available in pink and additional colors), as well as many others. The Luxury of Interior Design Luxurious beauty is everywhere in contemporary interior design, and all that magnificence has the power to create feelings of happiness and well-being. Build your own oasis. Choose the materials, features, and details which speak to your personal definition of beauty and luxury.