An Ultimate Guide to Crystal Vases: Bring Spring to Your Home Now!

13. 04. 2017

When winter has approached to its final stage, we tend to be impatient and longing for spring blooming more than ever. We don’t have to spend time by waiting though. Let’s bring a bouquet of some gorgeous flowers in our home! Our ultimate guide to crystal vases should help you to choose the perfect sparkling flower base of your style and character.


Pure Crystal Vases for Minimalist

If you prefer a simple design you might be looking for something basic and innovative. For sure the shape of the vase should be everything except traditional. One great example of such a vase from crystal is our Aqua Vase. This inspirative vase can accommodate a single flower and it will still create an enriched look.


Extravagant Look

A luxurious style can be created by different elements. When you want to add an extravagancy to it you should also pay attention to little details. Like your choice of the vase to match your home decor. Vases like Narrow Escape won’t leave anyone without emotions and that’s what is extravagant look about. To being noticed and talked about.


Creative Souls

Various colors, shapes and designs. Creativity is like an eternal reality made out of imagination. Creative people are the less limited when choosing objects for their homes. When it comes to vases, crystal is not the only lead for their decision. Its the overall look. If you are one of them, you might like our Lisboa Vase Lister. Beautiful colors will be greatly underlining blooming flowers.


Classic Vases

For those who prefer classic style there are three main characters which should be applied when finding the right choice from crystal vases: classic shape, classic color and classic purpose. Our Queen Vase has all these characters. Moreover, it has handmade gold details which make it a unique piece.


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We hope we inspired you to choose your perfect match!