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Prague, Czech Republic (MIRACLE CRYSTAL s.r.o.) April 05, 2016

Miracle Crystal, Prague-based company, has just launched its new website. This modern business is already presenting a powerful online presence representing luxury glass art. Miracle Crystal is set to establish itself as a key retailer for Bohemian glass and other exclusive crystal works as well as a leading resource about glass artistry. In addition to the impressive retail inventory, their professional and knowledgeable team offers several services to a variety of clients through their wholesale services and internal projects with leaders in the area of crystal design.

Simona Vavrova, CEO and Founder of Miracle Crystal, explains the huge scope of the company's involvement in Bohemian-influenced luxury art.

"We represent hundreds of glass producers, designers, and artists from the famous Bohemia region. This talented and creative group are true revolutionary leaders in Bohemian glass art," says Vavrova.

"These creators continue the ancient art of glassmaking - a 700-year old rich tradition of Bohemian glassworking - which has produced the world's most sophisticated and beautiful glass pieces. Our mission is to bring the beauty of this Bohemian glass to the world. Miracle Crystal plans to showcase these artists' amazing creativity around the globe," continues Vavrova.

This ancient art of glassworking had been lost for a time. Yet now through Miracle Crystal, along with contemporary glass designers and producers and other revolutionary leaders in Bohemian art, are breathing new life into an old industry. The dedicated team at Miracle Crystal prides itself on its uniqueness and strives to honor the original intention and methodology of Bohemian glassmaking.

The company's mission is to spread the elegance and beauty of Bohemian glass worldwide. Whether customers want to purchase an artist's crystal masterpiece or request a customized piece, Miracle Crystal provides everyone with authentic art crafted by the Bohemian masters and inspired by natural beauty. All Miracle Crystal's premium products are quality works of art accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Miracle Crystal offers world-wide shipping options to customers at special competitive rates.

This dynamic company sells assorted exquisite pieces from simple glassware and glass furniture, and crystal art, as well as elegant porcelain pieces. Despite the luxury and opulence of these pieces, their contemporary design allows them to suit any modern setting and enhance customers' everyday life.

Providing superb products and exceptional services, Miracle Crystal is recognized for its excellent performance by individual customers, serious collectors, and talented architects, as well as interior designers. Specializing in customized design, Miracle Crystal oversees a creative project from start to finish.

Their expert team meets with architects and designers during all stages of product development from the preparatory stage to product launch. Customized design involves creating a product according to individual client requirements. The process entails varied steps such as bringing an idea to life from a hand-drawn design to 3D visualization.

Miracle Crystal guarantees that only the best quality materials are used in creating their products. Yet with their company's expert management and industry knowledge, Miracle Crystal can offer high-end products to global consumers for a reasonable price. Their specialist team implements creative designs of utmost quality at the most affordable price.

Miracle Crystal supplies residential and commercial clients (hotels, restaurants, development projects, etc.) with a wide range of products - everything from drinking glasses and project lighting for private and public spaces to glass walls, personalized art objects, glass furniture, and historical glass, as well as numerous other items. Miracle Crystal can also arrange to have works of art fixed for clients by repair specialists.

Their efficient team provides made to measure works according to clients' preferences. Miracle Crystal offers wholesale prices and ensures that production costs are favorable for the client without sacrificing product quality.

Miracle Crystal provides product insurance and guarantees safe transport of all merchandise using the most progressive packaging methods. The company provides installation on delivery for customers who require that service. Complicated projects such as a huge crystal art lighting system always require expert installation. Miracle Crystal guarantees specialized treatment for the transport of products requiring special care such as calibrated gastro glass, porcelain, and other crystal works of art.

Vavrova says, "Our relationship with our customers is our number one priority. Their interest, love, and appreciation of unique crystal keeps alive the soul of glass art."

However, Vavrova points out that Miracle Crystal is more than an online retailer. The founders of Miracle Crystal note how the history, depth, and knowledge associated with their firm gives them a broad reach and wide appeal to a range of customers.

Vavrova notes the variety of services offered by Miracle Crystal including their focus on the design and development of luxury glass art for exquisite interior d├ęcor and contemporary living.

Glass is Miracle Crystal's passion. Their enthusiastic team strives daily to share that vision with the world. This specialist group believes that timeless tradition meets with contemporary design in the splendid products of Miracle Crystal.

Connect with Vavrova and learn more about glass artistry. Discover the wide range of crystal products and emerging brands as well as their own label - Miracle Crystal - at http://www.miraclecrystal.com

About Miracle Crystal: Miracle Crystal welcomes customers into an exquisite world of glass shaped through the master craftsmanship of several gifted artists who use an ancient art to create contemporary crystal design. This innovative Czech company offers unique products in several categories (tableware, lighting, furniture, decorations, accessories, etc.) suitable for every space and all occasions. Their efficient team has created an excellent interactive shopping experience tailored to customers' individual needs. Miracle Crystal prides itself on commitment to customized service. On the wholesale level, the company offers hospitality products (special glassware and porcelain equipment, art decorations, customized lighting systems, architectural glass, etc.) for hotels, restaurants, private residences, developers' projects, office buildings, and other locations. Miracle Crystal organizes internal projects with experts in the design area.


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