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All aspects and details of Miracle Crystal’s products are premium quality with authenticated designs and certified works of art

Providing superb products and exceptional services, Miracle Crystal is recognized for its excellent performance by individual customers, serious collectors, and talented architects, as well as interior designers. Miracle Crystal is a key supplier and unique retailer of luxury Bohemian glass exclusives and other luxurious products, as well as a leading resource for glass artistry. Our company has an impressive online retail inventory offering a wide range of crystal products and emerging brands, as well as our own label - Miracle Crystal.

We represent hundreds of glass producers, designers, and artists - true revolutionary leaders in Bohemian glass art who are continuing a 700-year old rich tradition producing the world's most sophisticated and beautiful glass pieces. Our passionate team works to bring the beauty of this Bohemian glass to the world and showcase the amazing creativity of these renowned artists.

We sell assorted exquisite items from simple glassware and glass furniture, and crystal art, as well as elegant porcelain pieces. Miracle Crystal offers unique products in several categories (tableware, lighting, furniture, decorations, accessories, etc.) suitable for every space and all occasions. Our efficient team has created an innovative and interactive e-shop experience tailored to individual needs.

Whether consumers want to purchase a certain artist's work or prefer a customized piece, customer service is our number one priority. Despite the luxury and opulence of these spectacular products, their contemporary design allows them to suit any modern setting and enhance customers' everyday life.

Miracle Crystal guarantees that only the best quality materials are used in creating their products. Yet with the company's expert management and industry knowledge, Miracle Crystal can offer high-end products to global consumers for a reasonable price. Our specialist team implements creative designs of utmost quality at the most affordable price. Miracle Crystal offers world-wide shipping options to customers at special competitive rates.

We offer excellent wholesale services for glass art. On the wholesale level, the company supplies hospitality products (special glassware and porcelain equipment, art decorations, customized lighting systems, architectural glass, etc.) for hotels, restaurants, private residences, developers' projects, office buildings, and other locations. Miracle Crystal offers wholesale prices and ensures that production costs are favorable for the client without sacrificing product quality.

Miracle Crystal provides product insurance and guarantees safe transport of all merchandise using the most progressive packaging methods. The company provides expert installation on delivery for customers who require that service. Miracle Crystal guarantees specialized treatment for the transport of products requiring special care such as calibrated gastro glass, porcelain, and other objects.

In addition, our professional and knowledgeable specialists organize internal projects with leaders in the area of design. Our expert team meets with architects and designers during all stages of product development from the preparatory stage to product launch.


For inquiries, contact us at info@miraclecrystal.com